At St Philip's, our children take part in the 3 thirds approach to teaching mathematics, whereby throughout a week and a unit of work they take part in 1/3 fluency, 1/3 reasoning and 1/3 problem solving. This approach has enabled our children to become confident mathematicians who can apply their understanding of mathematical concepts to a range of problems and curriculum areas. Our mathematics curriculum is carefully planned to build upon prior knowledge to reinforce and extend prior learning. Teachers plan lessons to ensure that mathematics is taught to mastery showing depth and understanding of the concepts taught.

Planning the Mathematics Curriculum

Our aim is to equip all pupils with the skills and confidence to solve a range of problems through fluency with numbers and mathematical reasoning.

Children are encouraged to see the mathematics that surrounds them every day and enjoy developing vital life skills in this subject. To support this aim, each area is segmented into skills which progress through the year groups. These skills can be found below.


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