Wider Curriculum

At St Philips we have recently moved away from teaching non-core subjects (Art, DT, Music, Geography and History) through a Thematic Curriculum. Instead we are now devoting time in our timetables to teach each of these subjects individually.

These lessons form part of our afternoon sessions, alongside RE and PE. We feel that teaching all subjects in this manner, promotes a well-rounded education for our children allowing them to find the areas of the curriculum in which they excel and enjoy. We use a progression of skills document to plan coverage to ensure that the teaching is subject specific and enables our children to acquire a wealth of skills and knowledge for later life.

We make use of Sandwell Music Services to support our Music lessons, they visit us each Monday and every child in school receives a music lesson. Singing, pitch and rhythm being the focus in KS1, while our KS2 children all have the opportunity to learn to play a range of instruments.

To support our PE lessons, we use external agencies, in some classes, the children also enjoy a lesson taught by their class teacher.

We alternate the teaching of both Geography/History and Art/DT. This takes place on a half-termly basis, we have carefully planned our coverage of these subjects to ensure that children receive a targeted unit of learning on each key strand within the subject, at least within each Key Stage e.g. planning has ensured that all children will receive a unit of painting, in art, in KS1 and then again in KS2.

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